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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years we have been asked many questions about designing, building, maintaining and hosting websites. We have also been asked about Search Engine Optimization, email marketing, blogging and a social media presence. We would like to share them with you along with their answers. We’re hoping this process will help you in your search to have a website designed and developed for you and your company.

Q. How much does it cost to build a website?

A. We don’t have a set price for a website because we build each website specifically for each individual client. The process we go through to determine how each website should be built is very extensive – we interview, we research, we listen and then we build a website specifically designed and developed with the clients needs in mind.

Q How long does it take for a website to be built?

A. That all depends on how quickly the client gives us the content for the website. We have built them as quickly as 3 weeks and as long as almost a year – Which time period works best for you? The quicker we get the content/copy/photos for the website the faster we are able to load and format them on the website and that much closer to getting the website ready to do the work that is was designed to do.

Q. Do we only build websites from start to finish or do we re-build /refresh some?

A. The answer is Yes! Most of the time we build websites from beginning to end, fresh and clean but there are times when our client is dissatisfied with the website they have so we certainly are happy to go the route of re-build/redesign. In many cases it is not less expensive to rework a website it iti is just more complicated and that is why it is so important for us to research the way it was built to make sure when we begin the re-build/refresh process we do it correctly.

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