Julie S. Cook

Julie S. Cook

Who would have thought that a girl from Northern Minnesota, with no computer background, would end up in the Phoenix metro area in the website design and development business.

I am Julie Cook and here I am.

My background is varied: Beginning with my first real job working in a bakery at the age of 15, then moving to a dental office, a drugstore, college, x-ray technician, retail store, sales, manufacturing, website design & development and direct mail. [Some of these jobs /careers overlapped each other.]


"In each case I had the challenge of learning the business I was working in which was very exciting and interesting. The one common thread with all of these jobs is working with people in a Client Service Specialist capacity."

Then one day I realized what made me the happiest was to be my own boss and that is the short version of how I ended up here today.

I am doing what I absolutely love, helping people grow their business with the help of the internet, specifically designing and building a website that showcases and tells a story of the business.

I know that you will like working with us either to build you a new website, revamping your current one, doing Search Engine Optimization, managing your electronic newsletters, creating HD videos and installing them on your site and just generally making your life easier communicating with your clients and potential clients.

Let's Work Together.

We are passionate about helping growing businesses with their digital marketing strategy.

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