About Us

Welcome to Idea 3 Creative

We are passionate about helping businesses grow using the right online marketing strategy.
We love being your partner during the entire process.

Who We Are

A creative studio specializing in online marketing, websites, & strategy. We have been in the industry since 2000, helping hundreds of businesses with their marketing goals.

Our Mission

Help soul-centered businesses share their talents with the world.

What We Do

We work with companies based on their needs & future goals. Each company is unique and requires different tools to complete their marketing puzzle. We create each online marketing strategy to fit each client we work with.

Celebrating 22 Years

Since our humble beginning, we have created websites, logos, brochures, videos, email campaigns, & other marketing materials for companies in home improvement, travel, housing, healthcare, retail, ecommerce, & manufacturing industries. As the internet has grown, we have witnessed websites become a major part of our clients' marketing plans & we have added online marketing to our growing list of specialties.

Our Process


We work with you one-on-one during the discovery process. We find out where your struggles are, what your goals are, and give our experienced input on how you should move forward.


We define your target audience, your goals, discuss what the future holds for your business, and how to best get there. Each digital marketing plan is unique and we define what would work best for you.


This is where the fun starts. Design is where we can get our hands dirty and really get creative. Let's design beautiful marketing materials and create a brand that fits your business.


Pulling together what we have learned together and developing an online presence that is not only an amazing experience for your customers, but also creates growth in your business.


After much testing and revisions, it's time to deploy your project. Getting your message out to your ideal customer is the ultimate goal. 


Now that your project is in motion, we deliver to you the final digital materials. We continue to monitor and make revisions as needed, and as your business evolves. We are with you on this journey, every step along the way.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experience

    We've been building websites and getting clients found online since 2000 when websites weren't even a hot item yet. Before that we were building out print materials, taking professional photos, and designing logos for clients. Let's just say, we've been around the block.

  • Teamwork

    We know that not just one person can be an expert in all of these tasks, that's why we have a team of people available to take the lead. From our developer who's an expert in coding and database design, to our copywriter making magic with words, to our graphic artist creating unique designs made for your brand. We bring a team of experts to the table when managing your project.

  • Support

    We provide awesome support to our clients. We never leave you hanging out on a limb. You don't have to worry about being stuck with the tech headache of managing a website or all those online tools. Sick of being on hold to customer service people who don't get it? We offer personalized customer service.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Donny Fargo of Fargo Painting

We’ve been working with I3C for over 10 years. They’ve helped design and maintain our website the whole way through.
The reason that’s noteworthy is it’s very hard to sometimes know how to control your appeal to your customer base and this involves above-average information.
I feel if you utilize this company you will find that to be true.

Donna Booth from Booth Built Patio Products

We have been working with Idea Three Creative for 15
years. They developed our website and continue to host it and maintain it. They have successfully helped us with social media - all of the different aspects of FB and Instagram.

They have helped us with blogging and optimize all our words on Google.

It’s been very enjoyable working with them.


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