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We Build Websites that Convert

Your website is the face of your company to the world and gives you credibility as a trusted brand. There is no better way to share your talents, than with a fast, responsive website with accurate information about your business 

Share Your Message with the World

If your website is done correctly it can be the equalizer with your competition. Both appearing on the same playing field. It allows you to send your unique message to your ideal customer and ideal prospect.

The most important part of the website design process is communication between you and your designer. Together we're working to ensure you’re communicating your goals and message. Creating a website that attracts your ideal customers.

We always begin our process by listening! We need to fully understand your message and goals. We keep you informed and involved as the project progresses.

At Idea 3, we believe the most important part of building a website is to make sure you are thrilled with the end result. That it is a tool to represent your brand and messaging.

Our Process

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    We’ll discover your business goals & effectively showcase your unique services.

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    We develop your plan & strategy to share your message with your ideal customer.

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    We create your unique message to attract your ideal customer.

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    We put your online marketing in motion.

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    Monitor & Evaluate

    We keep a close eye on your progress by evaluating your analytics and staying focused on your purpose.

What to Expect

  • We’ll work together to understand your needs and goals to effectively showcase your unique products and services.

  • We’ll develop a plan to implement the new website with content that speaks to your ideal client and leverages the latest SEO tools to assure your site is found.

  • We’ll create your website and have you review the work at regular stages.

  • Expect frequent and consistent communication with you every step of the way to share progress and assure your satisfaction with the end result.

Custom Website Design & Development

Starter Website

  • 4 Pages + Blog
  • Basic website design using a template
  • Best for new non-profits, bloggers, & coaches.

Commercial Website

  • 6 Pages + Blog + Photo Gallery
  • Professional website with a custom design
  • Best for small or new services-based businesses.

Professional Website

  • 6 Pages + Blog + Photo Gallery + Content
  • Custom Website Design & Copywriting
  • Best for busy entreprenuers who want someone else to get the job done.

We Build Your Website With

The latest WordPress software and plugins from the best developers in the industry. We use the best products so your website is built right from the ground up. 

  • Professional Design & Development

    We follow the latest design and development standards for websites so you will have a professional website that runs great & attracts your ideal clients.

  • Blog

    Blogging is a great way to show your clients that you are an expert in your field.

  • Contact Form

    Your clients can contact you directly from your website with an easy-to-use form that can be linked up to your email marketing platform.

  • Search Engine Ready

    Your website will be built in an organized manner to be easily found by popular search engines.

  • Marketing Tools

    We’ll seemlessly integrate your 3rd party marketing tools like email marketing, scheduling, & social media.

  • Automated Backups

    Anyone who has "lost it all" after a computer crash understands the importance of automated backups. Get your site back online quickly with your latest & safe backup!

  • Security

    We'll install a security certificate on your website and keep it updated on your care plan. We set up your website with the latest security tools to keep it safe from hackers.

  • Fast Loading

    Your website will be built to load fast and run smoothly. Impress the search engines and your clients with your speedy website!

Experienced WordPress Hosting

Choosing the right hosting environment is just as important as building the right website.

A server built specifically to run WordPress websites fast and keep them secure is the ultimate priority. A website maintenance plan that keeps your site safe from hackers, backed up, and updated regularly is what you need to keep your business on the top of search engine results.

Basic Hosting

$65 per month
  • • Weekly Backups
  • • Basic Security
  • • Quarterly SSL Certificate Renewal

Website Care

$110 per month
  • • Nightly Backups
  • • 21-Point Automated Security Check
  • • Quarterly SSL Certificate Renewal
  • • Premium Plugin Licensing
  • • 2 Hours of Site Updates

Premium Care

$225 per month
  • • Nightly Backups
  • • Premium Plugin Licensing
  • • 21-Point Automated Security Check
  • • Quarterly SSL Certificate Renewal
  • • 5 Hours of Site Updates
  • • Monthly Automated SEO Site Audit & Report
  • • Monthly Automated Site Speed Report

Why Choose Us?

  • Experience

    We've been building websites and getting clients found online since 2000 when websites weren't even a hot item yet. Before that we were building out print materials, taking professional photos, and designing logos for clients. Let's just say, we've been around the block.

  • Teamwork

    We know that not just one person can be an expert in all of these tasks, that's why we have a team of people available to take the lead. From our developer who's an expert in coding and database design, to our copywriter making magic with words, to our graphic artist creating unique designs made for your brand. We bring a team of experts to the table when managing your project.

  • Support

    We provide awesome support to our clients. We never leave you hanging out on a limb. You don't have to worry about being stuck with the tech headache of managing a website or all those online tools. Sick of being on hold to customer service people who don't get it? We offer personalized customer service.

Who We Work With

Booth Built
Jammin Salmon Alaska Adventures
Pathways of Grace
Roll Shutter Systems

What Our Clients Have to Say

Donny Fargo of Fargo Painting

We’ve been working with I3C for over 10 years. They’ve helped design and maintain our website the whole way through.
The reason that’s noteworthy is it’s very hard to sometimes know how to control your appeal to your customer base and this involves above-average information.
I feel if you utilize this company you will find that to be true.

Donna Booth from Booth Built Patio Products

We have been working with Idea Three Creative for 15
years. They developed our website and continue to host it and maintain it. They have successfully helped us with social media - all of the different aspects of FB and Instagram.

They have helped us with blogging and optimize all our words on Google.

It’s been very enjoyable working with them.

Our Latest Projects

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