Creative Tips for Growth: Get Local with Google My Business

If you’re not promoting your business on Google, you’re missing out. Big time.

Google My Business is an awesome local business platform with so many options AND it’s FREE! What? Yea, that’s right it’s FREE. Not to mention, it comes up in tons of searches before your website or other online content!

It’s literally a secret weapon in the the local SEO playbook.

Google My Business provides a free web page for local businesses and it can be outfitted with your photos, your mission statement, current services, operating hours, links to not only your home page, but also a contact page, and REVIEWS.

It’s a free place to brag about your business! It really doesn’t get better than that.

Reviews… So important. Have you been working on your business reviews? If not, you should start NOW. Seriously, now. Reviews are like delicious snacks for Google. You know, those sweet snacks you crave around 3 pm every day? Yep, reviews are like that to Google. The search giant likes to see that customers are talking about you (good or bad!) so they can share it with the world. Don’t let this local SEO secret pass you by!

Start asking ALL of your customers (new and old) to leave you a review. It’s seriously easy for your customer and once you start asking all of your customers to help you out, it will be easy for you too. Just sit back and watch the reviews flow on in and your search results climb the Google ladder.

How do you get started?

Get started with Google My Business by claiming your business page. Don’t worry, Google will walk you through the process (and it’s relatively painless!). After your page is claimed, take some time to update all of your contact information, your overall message, and upload some of those crazy rad photos you’ve been collecting – your customers LOVE photos! 

Don’t stop there. Make a reminder in your calendar to add to your Google My Business page weekly. Yes, you have time – just make it a priority and get it done. Google My Business let’s you post about ANYTHING you want. Yep, that’s right, you can literally feed your latest offers, your best content, and your latest amazing work directly into the mouth of Google. Google loves this and it won’t be long before you see results!

Need some direction?

We love to help. No seriously, we do. Sometimes too much. We love to see our clients thrive and grow their businesses. Need a gentle push? Some hand holding? We do that and we genuinely LOVE it, so don’t hold back on that phone call or email. We’re here for you and your business.

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