I3C is here to help.

You know you need a digital marketing strategy, but you don’t have the time or experience to make one.

We understand your struggle.

Together, we’ll determine your online marketing goals, then plan and create a digital marketing strategy so you can focus your valuable time on the bigger picture: building your business.

We design customized solutions by creating a digital marketing strategy that is just right for the specific business. Our plans align the message to their ideal clients needs so they connect with quality prospects. We partner with our clients to give them back their time so they work on their business NOT in it.

Be ahead of the curve.

As the online space changes, we change. Keeping up with the latest tools and skills needed to compete online is necessary to stay ahead. We got this!

At Idea 3, our three-step program ensures your digital marketing success!

    Together we laying out your specific goals by reviewing what is currently working and what hasn’t worked.
    Plans are tailored specifically to your business by building ideas together and consulting industry marketing trends.
    Using online marketing tools and our 20+ years of experience, we will run a full-scale digital marketing campaign customized for your business.

Be on the forefront of online marketing trends.

We’ll watch the analytics, observe your industry, and keep an eye on your audience engagement for you. Then, we’ll re-write the plan as your business evolves and grows to make sure your digital marketing is working for you.

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