Grow your email list using social media

How to use social media to grow your email list

Engaging with your customers over social media is a great way to find new customers and stay connected with your current ones. BUT… It’s important to continue the conversation directly with your customers and you can do that by using email marketing. Use social media to make that initial introduction, just like at a networking event. 

From your social media pages or ads, send your customers to a landing page on your website to present your offer and collect their email address. Email marketing is a one on one conversation where you are talking directly to your customer. Use their email address to keep the conversation going and stay in front of them with your email marketing.


  • Social media is like a large networking party. You arrive at the event and you have to shout across the room in the hopes that someone will hear you. 
  • Don’t put all of your eggs in the social media basket, use it to make connections.
  • There is A LOT of noise out there & your customer needs to hear your message.
  • Your social media channels own any content you place there and have control over it. Your website is where you have control over your content.

What’s the offer?

That depends, but it’s definitely something of value that your ideal customer wants. It could be a guide, an expert resource, a tool, step-by-step instructions, a white paper, or it could be an invitation to a free event, a course, or a webinar.

Whatever brings your customer the best value, would make a great offer.

Landing page tips:

  • Choose an offer and stick to it. You want to target one audience with one offer on your landing page – Don’t confuse them with too much content.
  • Create a landing page on your website with your logo on it so your customers know they’ve landed at the right place.
  • Speak directly to interested customers.
  • Define the Problem – What problem is the customer experiencing?
  • Define the Benefits – What benefits will the customer receive from your offer?
  • Define the Solution – What is your solution to this problem?
  • Provide testimonials from past customers
  • Show your credibility – a brief history or your accomplishments
  • List Pricing – How much does it cost? What discounts are you offering? Make your discount time sensitive.
  • Call to Action – How does your customer sign up?
  • Objection Mitigators – What are some reasons why they wouldn’t sign up? FAQ’s? How can you mitigate these?

Once you have collected your customer’s email address, you can send them exceptional content about your brand and keep them engaged.

Stay posted for tips on creating an email nurture sequence!

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