Email Marketing

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Email marketing has been around along time and it continues to be the ideal way to connect with your client or potential client. We know it works by the sheer numbers of email messages that are sent to us each day. You know the ones that we sign up for when we make a purchase or hear about an opportunity or want to learn more about something?

What’s Email Marketing?

It’s that direct line of communication between your company and your clients, past clients, and potential clients. It’s that consistent messaging that provides brand awareness. The messaging deliverable varies depending upon the purpose of your information. Do you have a product you want to sell? Do you have a class or a workshop/retreat you need filled? Do you just want to inform?

Who’s Driving This? It’s the consumer.

Your clients really want to hear from you, they are the ones driving the demand and researching the companies who are sending the messaging. In the past eNewsletters were just pushed out with little regard to sending the correct message, at the correct time, to the correct people. Consumers are educated and informed which means what is sent to them has to count.

Always remembering whom the message is being sent to and why.

Why work with us?

We have been quietly going about our business creating successful Email Marketing Campaigns for years, as long as this platform has been around. We love working with businesses that understand how effective this marketing tool is and how with consistency it provides brand awareness and repetitive business.

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