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Website Security: A Layered Approach

Most people aren’t concerned with website security because they think, “Why does it matter, I don’t have anything to hide!”. The problem is that a hacker is most likely not breaking into your website to steal YOUR information… They are breaking into your website to use your resources to steal OTHER people’s information. Do you know those absurd spam emails asking for money and personal details? Well, many fall for those emails and get scammed out of their money. The blame then lands on the website that allowed that spam to occur – generally a small business website.

Hackers know that small business owners don’t have the time, resources, or manpower to protect their websites from attacks. It is far more beneficial for hackers to attack many small websites than it is for them to try and get into a big enterprise-level website that most likely has an entire onsite team protecting it.

Your website is an asset to your company and therefore needs to be protected from invaders. When thinking about protecting your website, it is ideal to think about it from a layered approach. Just like you would protect your home.

  • This starts with the computers that access the website – keep security protocols in place and run security software like Norton Antivirus.
  • The second step you can take is your passwords. I know, I know, it is a pain to have a 16-digit password with symbols and numbers, but it’s important. Guessing passwords is easy for hackers trying to get into websites and it’s the number one way your site can be compromised.
  • The third layered approach is running state-of-the-art security software on your website and server. This is where we come in. We take website security very seriously and keep all of the websites we manage monitored 24 hours a day for malicious behavior.

Not only are we here to monitor and protect your website, we are here to clean up any problems that do arise. Think of it as an insurance policy for one of your greatest assets; your website.

Do you know anyone looking for a website development agency that takes website security seriously? Send them our way for a free website evaluation and consultation. We love talking with business owners and helping them tackle the confusing world of online marketing!


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