Is your digital marketing in check?

Have you taken the time to review your digital marketing strategy for 2020? Do you even have a strategy? If so, is it on auto-pilot? Be honest! So many businesses get their digital marketing in focus and then leave it like it’s going to live and breath on it’s own. That’s not the best policy and it won’t get you very far.

Did you optimize your website pages? You rock! Got your social media profiles looking good? Awesome. Google My Business set-up? Yes, ok perfect. Got that automated email campaign triggered? Way to go! Google Ads on auto-pilot? Woo-hoo! 

The problem with setting your plan then walking away is this will only get your business so far online. Initially you will be killing it, but soon your competitors will chase you up the rankings and pass you right on by. Your digital marketing needs to be tended to regularly, just like your garden. When you leave it alone you miss out on opportunities to engage with your customers, show them your latest offerings, and stay in front of the likes of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Without regular engagement, all of the algorithms will filter your content out and your profile(s) will drop off the face of the internet. 

To help you out with this common problem, we put together this handy checklist for you to go review at your next marketing meeting.

  • On Page Keyword Optimization:  Have you reviewed your pages? What about the new ones? Have they been optimized to target specific keywords? What are the latest keyword phrases your ideal customer is searching for?
  • Website Errors:  Do you know if/where there are errors on your site? This is common. Broken links, blank pages, expired SSL certificate, and duplicate content pops-up regularly and is more common the larger your website is.
  • Incoming Links:  Are you keeping on top of your incoming links? Did you know that there is such thing as bad incoming links? Yep, bad sites linking to you can really send a bad message to Google and will cause your rankings to decrease.
  • Google Apps:  Have you checked in on your Google business page? Considering that most people use Google to find businesses online and locally, it’s so important that your business is up to date. Search Console, Analytics, My Business, and Ads all need to be reviewed monthly. 
  • Social Media:  Are your profiles up to date? Have you responded to all of your messages? Are you posting several times a week? Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. all need regular attention or your content will not be showing up on anyone’s feeds. 
  • Blogging:  Are you adding new, interesting, and relevant content to your site regularly? Not only do your customers want to see that you are the experts in your industry, but search engines want to see it too! When you stop adding new and relevant content, you will surely see your rankings drop quickly while your competitors’ (who ARE blogging) rankings are climbing up right on past yours.
  • Email Marketing: Are you engaging with your customers? Sending them a message tailored to their needs? Email marketing is the perfect way to stay in front of your customers and keep the conversation flowing. Stop email communication and your customers will soon forget about you and will quickly find what they need from your competitors. 
  • Photography & Video: Have you spent some time creating new visual content? YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest are soooo popular right now. Why? Visual content! Customers want to see current and relevant photos – especially non-stock photography. Invest in visual content and your customers will LOVE you for it!

Hopefully this helps you stay on track with your digital marketing strategy in 2020. Keeping all the balls in the air is a tricky process, but so very important for you to be found online. Contact us if you have any questions or need any assistance with the checklist above. 

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